I’m always passionate about art and descriptive sketches of my emotions.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost my collection of artwork which I had years ago. I was so depressed I decided to strictly quit sketching throughout my living because I’m afraid of losing those valuable stuff once again. Just recently I was breathing on a hospital bed spending every minute thinking about what should I do with my life, and again I’m in a depression moment – But this time, the feeling of the depression somehow encourage myself to start sketching again, and passion starts to turn into addiction.


In a Dreamland Journey, My Destination Will Always End Up in Rome  – ♣ FiGuRyNnA:10/05/2011


Dead Heart Under a Dead Tree  – ♣ FiGuRyNnA:12/05/2011


I Live With My Eyes Upon My Reflection in The Dark  – ♣ FiGuRyNnA:14/05/2011


Trapped Soul Within the Limitations of Comparison– ♣ FiGuRyNnA:15/05/2011


We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever  – ♣ FiGuRyNnA:11/06/2011


There’s an energy that comes through the amazing catch & release – ♣ FiGuRyNnA:06/08/2011


  1. di says:

    nice.. keep drawing and sketching..

  2. Xyberpunx says:

    Farah busuk.. Lawa laa your sketches.. Nak beli your artwork can..? Aya kimsalam.. 🙂

  3. Zarul says:

    Pandai hang melukis!! =D

  4. yuji says:

    beautiful…cant describe by words

  5. Yuji says:

    Yesterday i went outside with my mama’s mason jar caught a lovely butterfly…..

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